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Spirituality in Leadership with Andrew Cohn

Spirituality in Leadership is a platform for conversations with leaders at all levels about bringing our spiritual dimensions to our leadership, our teams, and our workplaces in order to achieve greater success and fulfillment and build and sustain healthier organizations. “Spiritual dimensions” refer to the parts of each individual that might be deemed “spiritual “, beneath the body, mind, and emotions. Essentially, we will be exploring core human qualities, such as presence, acceptance, loving, stillness, forgiveness, and peace. These qualities are needed in the workplace more than ever before. Spirituality in Leadership is an opportunity to engage in healthy and authentic conversations to enable us to do our best work and live our best lives.




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    I’m pleased to share with you the link to the video recording of a panel discussion I recently led at Coacharya’s “Aware Awake Arise” conference, entitled Spirituality in Leadership.
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    I was talking with a client a few days ago who shared with me what a challenging time this has been for her. Like many of us, she’s dealing with additional responsibilities at home as a result of her kids schedules, plans being blown up–because of the pandemic. She faces
  • Andrew Cohn
    I am grateful to have been asked to contribute a chapter/story to a new book about Purpose with my colleagues from Oxford Leadership. And I invite you to check it out. Learn more about the book here: www.purpose-book.com
  • Coaching is All About Context
    Andrew Cohn
    Consider the following profile. A leader of a regional operations team for a global corporation has improved operating efficiency by 20% over the past year. 70% of employees within the division (seven direct reports and 50 people over all) responded that they are either satisfied or very satisfied with this