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Author: Andrew Cohn

Everything Goes Through Neutral

I was talking with a client a few days ago who shared with me what a challenging time this has been for her. Like many of us, she’s dealing with additional responsibilities at home as a result of her kids schedules, plans being blown up--because

Coaching is All About Context

Coaching is All About Context

Consider the following profile. A leader of a regional operations team for a global corporation has improved operating efficiency by 20% over the past year. 70% of employees within the division (seven direct reports and 50 people over all) responded that they are either satisfied

An Accelerated New Leader Assimilation Process

Leveraging group communication technology, expert process design and facilitation to enable rapid connection and alignment By Lenny Lind, Covision and Andrew Cohn, Lighthouse Consulting As any experienced executive takes on a new assignment, he or she faces immense challenges. Immediately there is an organization to learn – with

Building Engagement Quickly and Deeply. Really?

By Andrew Cohn / Lighthouse Consulting and Lenny Lind / Covision Imagine an organization in the throes of a merger, or a massive reorganization. Not uncommon, but often the cause of considerable organizational wheel-spinning and personal suffering. Take, for example, a key function within a finance

There’s Value in That

Over lunch with a client recently I became involved in an engaging conversation about the different ways leaders communicate ideas in writing. We talked about how good writing should not be taken for granted, and the number of leaders we know whose writing sometimes limits